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Why the change? Several reasons. I am now streamlining my activities and want to reduce the workload. It's because I am old now and quite tired. There are also other websites to maintain and monitor and this is also something taking up valuable time.

The world around us is also changing, and for much the worse. I wonder if there will even be an internet as we understand it in the near future. One big nuclear war and everything goes up in smoke. Any post-apocalyptic world would then only, at best, experience heavily censored 'intranets' that would be heavily policed. Make hay while the sun shines, as the old saying goes. So my 'haymaking' may not last many more years before it closes down for more than one reason. Cheerful, aren't I?

That is the reality of my life, and that which now heavily influencing my decisions - based upon what I am seeing and what I know will happen. I would like to be positive, but I have to live in the real world and face the harsh realities of those things we cannot change - because too many people will not change the status quo and happily keep marching towards their own oblivion.

So here I am, for the time being at least. One day I will not be around. If and when I know that day is imminent, I may just set-up a hosting plan to remain active for possibly up to 10 years after my demise. Perhaps then, when I am gone, those who are living under the New World Order can revisit some of my offerings and ponder upon what I have been trying to say in some of my more serious submissions. That is of course, the internet is still there and my website is not taken down by those who do not like what I have been saying. Not that I will be bothered as I shall have moved on to my next life, my next existence. But I'd still like to go out with a parting shot - hence this website.

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